Vegetable Garden Plans

vegetable garden plans
Any tips for a beginner’s vegetable garden?

I live in Reno, Nv (Northern Nevada). I have a landscaped backyard with a flower garden, but I want to make a small vegetable garden that will I will plan and take care of by myself.

I am planning to start it just outside the fence to my backyard. I will be buying live plants instead of seeds. It will not be attached to the drip system that my other plants use (where’s the fun in that?)

I plan to research the matter online and check with the nursery for information. I just wanted to also get advice from hobby vegetable gardeners themselves.

Thank you for your time:)

Leave plenty of room between your rows or plants. Your garden may look thin at first but the pay-off will be great. Fertelize every two weeks, water every two or three days,and good luck . Oh ya,dont forget to weed!!

Garden Planning and Designing : How to Plan a Raised Vegetable Garden

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