Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

raised bed vegetable garden
Preparing soil and vegetable garden bed?

I live in zone 9B and my soil is pretty rocky and on the clay side. I dug about 6 inches down so far and bought a lot of miracle grow vegetable garden soil. This will not be a raised bed. Question is what do I do next exactly? Do I dig further, take out the rocks and mix the two soils? Do I need to put something in the bottom before I put in the soil I have? I’m confused.

I’m planning on growing zuchini, cucumber, strawberry, and maybe some others? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

With what you’re growing, it’s best to use a combination of the garden mix and peat moss.
The soil in the area in which I live is similar to yours: Clay with a lot of rocks.
To save on the expense, you can use compost and peat moss.
What I have found to be the most efffective method is to use a pitch fork to break up the peat moss, then put the compost over the peat. Use the pitch fork to combine the two.
It is very time consuming, but you will not be disaapointed with the results.

On a side note, plant marigolds near the plants.
These will help keep some of the leaf eating bugs away from your squash.

A Growing Passion – Building A Raised Bed

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