Organic Seed

organic seed
Is it considered organic if the seed is planted in organic soil?

If i were to grow a garden in my new back yard (in pots though, ground is too hard) is the vegetable considered organic if grown in organic soil and I dont use pesticides on it? Or does the ACTUAL SEED have to be organic?

You would only need organic seed if you were going to sell the produce and wanted to sell it as ‘certified’. For your own use, most organic growers and magazines for the home grower consider the’growing’ as organic, in other words,no pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Incidently, if you add some compost and leaf mold or humus to that hard back yard for a year or two you will be able to grow great plants in the ground with much less water and care. If you want organic seed go to

Seeds Of Life: Open Pollination

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